Dont Just Sit There –Dance

Pow Wow dance

I remember my first Pow-Wow and how the music of the drums seemed to keep beat with my heart and soul. At first I felt embarrassed and was unsure whether I could perform the Native dances or would look foolish. It is certainly normal to not be confident, but it is not until you join the circle of dance that your best comes out. … Dont Just Sit There –Dance »»

African Native American Parade

African Native American Parade


“Lord’s Prayer” by Chinook Indians

“Lord’s Prayer” by the Chinook Indians

Nesika papa klaksta mitlite kopa saghalie
(Our Father Who dwells on High)
… “Lord’s Prayer” by Chinook Indians »»

Impacts of European Colonization

Europeans also brought diseases, against which the Native Americans had no immunity. Chicken pox and measles, though common and rarely fatal among Europeans, often proved fatal … Impacts of European Colonization »»

Regional Overview Of Native American Clothing Styles


Ever wonder what Native American men and women wore for clothing, shoes, headwear, and other garments? … Regional Overview Of Native American Clothing Styles »»


It was the slave master’s last name that in many instances the slave acquired through ownership to a specific plantation. Although in many instances a slave actually had his father’s surname based on the slave master impregnating his women slaves. … Surnames »»