Native Physical Characteristics

There are many physical characteristics that are common in people with Native American heritage:

High Cheekbones where glasses set high on the face and get all smeary on the bottom of the lens.

Almond shaped almost oriental looking eyes?

Lazy eyes in children.

Heavy “fat” eyelids appear to have an extra fold.

A melanin (pigmentation) in the back of the eye on the retina peculiar to Native Americans.

“Shovel” teeth, the teeth have a ledge on the backside. Run your tongue across them, they feel almost like a shovel.

Large front teeth with a slight or more than slight gap.

Lack of the Carrabelli cusp on the maxillary first molars, which is missing in Native Americans.

Large heavy earlobes.

Crooked fingers particularly the little finger or pinky.

An inverted breastbone. Often called a Chicken Brest. The bone actually makes an indentation in the chest.
Little toes that lie under the next one.

A second toe longer than the big toe.

A wider space between the big toe and the second.

An extra ridge of bone along the outside of the foot.

Now, what do you all think! I have these characteristics!

Stanford University assisted this research


Stanford University have assisted this research

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